The world is not flat?

This is one of my favorite photos as it reflects the impact of ADEA’s work in  unexpected ways.

In 2009 my project, ADEA, helped to establish the Esukuta Primary School for the Maasai children living on the savannas on the eastern face of Mt. Kilimanjaro.   On the opening day of school we invited all the students and their families to a celebration.   For most of these families, these new students were the first person in their families to attend formal schooling. The majority of the adults are illiterate. On the walls of the school building we put posters, charts, maps and other educational tools.   Here some fathers and grandfathers study a globe of the earth.   They had never seen a globe before. Until that day, these men understood that the world was flat.

I share this story with you can so that you understand the informational isolation in which many of the people with whom I work live. They are intelligent people, but their exposure to the diversity of ideas and points of view, so common for us, is very limited.

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