Blog post #6 – Introduction to Local Experiences in East Africa

Blog #6  – Introductory to Local Experiences in East Africa:

Welcome to Blog #6. This is the last of the introductory blog post focuses on category – Local Experiences. Blog posting categorized under Local Experiences will be dedicated to a wide rang of things that have happened to me or I witnessed over the years outside of the principle ADEA activities and programs already listed. These will include funny accounts such as Swahili vocabulary mistakes when I pronounced in shock that fewer than 25 percent of the members of Tanzanian parliament had been to the bathroom (chooni) versus university (chuoni), or sad recollections as in the day a carver and his wife with their sick baby passed my home on their way to the hospital, only to learn the child died because all the hospital doctors choose to take off the national holiday leaving no one to treat patients.

I have traveled in buses and on bicycles; in truck cabins and in truck beds (sometimes on top of bananas). I have sailed in dows and been taxied in dugout canoes. I have moved around town in daladalas, on bodabodas, and in bagjajes. I’ve been given rides in air-conditioned Land Cruisers with pop-tops when on safari, and in sedans held together with rubber tubing. I have traveled in prop plays, and of course I have done lots and lots of walking. Too, I have eaten ugali (a food in the grits family), hippo, elephant, lizard, and fried termites. I have been burgled, and I have been over charged. I been given chickens as gifts and beaded shirts as a gesture of thanks. I have seen friends have children and other friends die. And, as to be expected, I have had malaria of several occasions.   I have so many such stories that I hope you readers will find interesting and enlightening.

Thank you – Asante Sana – Ashe oleng

Douglas – Kupikita – Oloikurrkurr

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